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Plici is an Open Source Ecommerce Plateform and a powerful and extensible solution to manage all your e-commerce website with a single application.

Plici use Smarty, Php, Mysql, Jquery, CKEditor and others. The software architecture is Model–View–Controller and use URL rewriting, it is a full GPL project.

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Administrator access : http://theme4.plici.net/admin_znpsy7/

  • User :              demo
  • Password :     demo

WebSite access : http://theme4.plici.net/ 


Demo server can be slow

(little server).

Download old version

You can download Plici 2.0.0.Stable.r.1878 from this link (exe, zip, tar.gz)


New version only available by SVN 

Developper can checkout the SVN repository on https://plici.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plici/trunk, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/plici/develop for more informations.


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All the community can use the forum to speak about Plici.


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The last news, you can become a writer if you ask it on the forum.




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